Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello, peeps! I know this blog has been dead for a while...long while.... Anyways that new blog is up and running :D Please feel free to drop by:

Have a nice day =]

p/s: This blog will still be running :)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back To School.


It's been a week since I've been meaning to post an update. I finally get the time. Well classes have begun and this sem it's gonna be all about 3D! (like 90%?) Yeah. Anyway. I'm soo excited and scared at the same time! I'm still unwrapping this subject layer by layer and hopefully I'll love it even more as I learn more and more about it...YOSH! 
It seems so many things have been going on lately. Or I'm just squeezing in too many things into my schedule... Hmm. Well I'm glad for one that I managed to have a mini-holiday with my bestie Virgillia a.k.a Bow a.k.a Vivi a.k.a Banana.... Heee : ) Bow spent two days over and we had a blast! We haven't been able to catch up since we were back at KK but those two days made up for it.... Hee-hee. We did all the usual (girly) stuff.... marathons... :D Well we go way beyond those stuff (especially when we've known each other since we were 7!). Anyways here are some shots (through my broken little camera) of those few days. Ho~Hum : )

Oh, please feel free to drop by my deviantART page too. I've only posted a few works so far though.



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope y'all had a good one =]

15.02.09- Yippee-- Happy bumble-bee! Pleasant moments and a blue sky filled with birds. Such is my day today. Neurotic winds do blow from time to time. But then again, they blow on any weather good or bad. Well today we had a lovely lunch by the balcony... It was a really small balcony (typical) but still it was a nice change of scenery and the four of us managed to sit comfortably for a meal. He-he. Golly-ness. My thoughts are on a treadmill. Guess I won't be ranting much tonight. Anyways I hope everyone had a lovely valentines yesterday! I know I did =] Btw, valentines isn't all about being with that one significant other.... It's about love alright, and what is love if it can't be shared with the rest of the world.... XD

CheeRs ! 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not So Dead Yet.


The revival of BelleSparkle

: )

I know, I know.... Bukan da mati ka? Nop. =p
I'm back to blogging *fingers-crossed* and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posts and what not. Oh, and that new blog? Well lets just say it's out there, just that I decided to keep this one rolling... 

So apart from the M.I.A in practically the online world for the past year things are up and about in almost all spheres and I'm whoop-tee-doop-tee happ'ee =D I deliberately shut some doors for a while and after that much needed time of hibernation and isolation the honey tastes sweeter and the grass seems greener these days. Life is so. I know, I don't make sense. What the heck. This is a blog after all. Expression is the name of the game. 


(will update this post again soon!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


2nd July'O8-- Such a hot and sunny day : ) I'm currently addicted to Snapple's Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink--yum! I've been slugging since the beginning of the week due to muscle cramps from the tournament...oh, which reminds me of some good news:

We won 1st place for the doubles event !!! :D

It was great.... I played 6 games (which explains the body aches) and by the time we got to the final game i was a deflated tyre....seriously. But still, we managed to hold the fort =] Hee~
Well i've just been yet again indulging in food and relaxing me self as i've some spring cleaning in line to do before i leave! Here are some photos from earlier this year.....time flies!

Babe, I miss you!
Thanks for being there...*hugs*

And last but not least, to my dear friend Lucy, I miss you!
Take care and all the best to you...*hugs* :')

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somewhere between Space and Earth...

Since my last line I've been been binging on anything on the menu with 'lamb' or 'laham' (in Arabic).
Bliss! : )


So it seems i have put blogging in the back seat; with random posts on the rare occasion.
Life is a beau spelled W-E-i-R-D in colorful playful letters. Sometimes you see it in the morning mirror looking back at you; sometimes in someone you've always seen around but never imagined how much your fates would be entwined; sometimes in an old friend you've grown apart from; sometimes in just that tiny moment you get to sit down and catch your breath.

Yes, so much has happened where i left the gaps of unwritten days.

Philosophies and beliefs put the test. How at one point we do it all for ourselves, really.
I shall leave that for another day perhaps.

As of now i'm busy preparing for a badminton tournament which will be held this weekend. I'm excited alright but worried about the fact that i haven't really played for months now (!)
So many other things will be going on this weekend and time is precious as it has always been.
The practice i joined a few days ago were great. Clearly i've gotten a bit rusty but i hope to give it all that i've got still. Hee~

Anyways, i'll post another update soon as i've an hour to get ready for practice!

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